Wanna see my next exhibition?

usefull data on the following links:  

                                                 "Die Kunst des Erinnerns"* ( Dauerausstellung seit 21. August 2015 )

                                                 "Rotkäppchen", Mestlin (22. Juni - 25. August 2019)

                                                 "Hier & Jetzt – Nachwuchskunstpreis für Bildende Kunst",

                                                                Mecklenburgisches Künstlerhaus Schloss Plüschow (14.07. – 18.08.2019)

                                                 "Contemporary Romanian Painting", Galerie Burg 32 (07. - 22. September 2019)

                                                                 + Kassel (12.2.-28.03.2020) + Wittstock (01.06. - 31.09.2020) + ...

                                                 "Stipendiatenausstellung der Jahrgänge 2017/2018", Kunstverein zu Rostock

                                                               (16. Oktober - 17. November 2019) - mit Prinzip:Sonja

                                                 "Das Fest", Passentin (18. - 20. Oktober 2019)

                                                 "Skulptur 2020 – skulptūra 2020", Galerie des Vereins Berliner Künstler (September 2020)

or simply contact me.

What else?

.2019  Art Historian Dr. des. Christina May wrote a text about my work - sorry for it is not yet translated into english!

.2018-11-15 Regionaltreffen des Kreis-Kunst-undKulturrates MSE :

                      Input zu "Kunst und Kultur in unruhigen Zeiten" von Ramona Seyfarth&Rico.: "Miteinander im Jetzt"

.2018-12-3 Verband der Kunstmuseen, Galerien und Kunstvereine in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e. V. :

                      Symposium zu "Digitales in der Kunst" Input von Ramona Seyfarth&Rico.: "Verbindung wird hergestellt"

.2017-05-20 P:S! Principle:Sonja aka Prinzip:Sonja was found.

.2018 Oct.-Dez. P:S used the artist residency of the federate state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern at the Schleswig-Holstein-House

                           in Rostock, Germany, to deepen theyr collaborative working processes.


If you would like to support my work there are some ways: inviting to exhibitions or offering work space for example, but I'd be glad if some of you used the suggested Patreon-blog. Asking for this feels like begging to me, but usually I offer to see my work for free, even though paint, the webSite, travelling, ... sucks a sum. I don't collect while singing in the streets or sell books - but that page does something similar .... so, for those who can and want to: you might try it this way. For those who want but can't: from time to time a feedback would be nice! my next opportunities are listed upside and the opportunity to use the cantact form is 24/7 open for you.

Thanks for reading.

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