My artist's name is Rico.

I work as a freelance artist in northern Germany.


.short profile:


Born 1985 in GDR.

2005 Abitur in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

2005-2008 professional college Zwiesel – studies of glass design


2008-2013 BfA + MfA , IKKG Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany

studies of free arts (in glass class)

since 2013 member of BBK-MV ((german) association of fine artists)
since 2006 lectureship / assistant at var. holiday courses, work shops, e.g. youth media camp, art school

since september 2013 freelance artist in Neubrandenburg

         and lecture at the art schools in Neubrandenburg and Neustrelitz (until may 2019)

june 2017-july 2018, april+may 2019 split management of the art school Neustrelitz

june 2018-march 2019 part of the managing commitee of the friendly society arthouse Neustrelitz

         (Kunsthaus Neustrelitz e.V.)

since 2020-01-11 founding member of simsalArt e.V.

2004 internship in painters room of regional theatre + drama teacher, theatre Neustrelitz, Germany

2006 residence professional college Zelesny Brod, Czech republic

2007 techniques of plaster work Burg Giebichenstein Halle, Germany

2007 Summer Academy Bildwerk Frauenau, Germany

2010 international painters camp "Lucian Grigorescu", Megidia, Romania

2011 scholarship Civil Academy, Runde 12, Germany

2011 Gorj Fest, Tirgu Jiu, Romania

2012 Summer Academy Salzburg, Austria

2015 Keramiksympossium Ollendorf, Germany

2016 Keramiksympossium Ollendorf, Germany

2016-2017 first bout of "mentoring artists" as mentee, mentor: Takwe

2016 residency Künstlerhaus Salzamt Linz, Austria

2016-2017 project grant + artist residency Künstlerhaus Schloss Plüschow, Germany

2017 Keramiksympossium Ollendorf, Germany

2017 first „Bugewitzer Ausspann“ Bugewitz

2018 second „Bugewitzer Ausspann“ Bugewitz

2018 as Prinzip:Sonja _ the artist residency of the federate state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern at the Schleswig-Holstein-House in Rostock, Germany

2018 nominated for the emerging artist award for fine arts in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2018

2019 third „Bugewitzer Ausspann“ Bugewitz

2019 Artists Camp Bistrita Nasaud, Romania

2020 fourth „Bugewitzer Ausspann“ Bugewitz

2020 grant by the federate state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

2020 bridge grant by the federate state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

2020 Sculpture-pleinair „Europe: cities in dialogue – people in dialogue“ Neubrandenburg, Germany

2020 winner of the emerging artist award for fine arts in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2020

2021 grant by the federate state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern



.short main statement:


I create place related installation art. A piece shown more than once is exceptionally.

In my art I expose the turbulence of being human. My medial choice depends on the subject. As a main assessment you can tell that I make pictures in a lingual, colorful, graphic, photographic, painted or plastic way – all controlled by a heavy head.





2010, volume 1

2010 Glasklasse – exhibition catalogue of "Ausblicke"

2011 exhibition catalogue of "Gorjfest"

2014 exhibition catalogue of "Zukunftsvisionen"

2014 exhibition catalogue of "ins Blaue"

2015 exhibition catalogue for 25th art show of BBK-MV "NEUGIER"

2015 "Wie mensch unentdeckt bleibt", accompanying texts for "Kunst des Erinnerns"

2016 exhibition catalogue of "Art & Entertainment" ISBN 978-3-9817876-0-3

2016 "Die friedvolle Diktatur", accompanying texts for "Strukturen, Texturen, Zwischenfelder"

2017 exhibition catalogue of "Visionen" ISBN 978-3-938218-90-7

2017 "subtext glas(s)"

2018 "12J = 11JvP:S + 1JnP:S" catalogue Prinzip:Sonja

2018 exhibition catalogue of "Luftlinien" as P:S

2018 exhibition catalogue of "RESSOURCE ART/Only art can save the world!" ISBN 978-3-935649-06-3

2018 "in Mecklenburg" ISBN 978-3-9808948-3-8 , Index for the same-titled piece, a result from MentoringArtProject

2019 exhibition catalogue of "Hier & Jetzt" ISBN 978-3-935649-09-4

2019 "Sternberger Picknick" ISBN 978-3-98159049-4

2019 "Rostock Stipendium 2017|2018", mit Prinzip:Sonja ,

2020 "Opel Corona", Kulturhaus Mestlin

2020 full page article in OZ [baltic newspaper], 12./13. September 2020

2021 exhibition catalogue of "On Fire" in Ratzeburg ISBN 978-3-948127-21-3

2021 exhibition catalogue of "On Fire" in Plüschow ISBN 978-3-935649-10-0

2021 exhibition catalogue of "Die Kleider sind alt unnd älter der Kaiser"

2021 exhibition catalogue of "Hier & Jetzt" ISBN 978-3-9

2021 "Schöne Bilder _ ein gutes Buch" catalogue Rico.

2021 exhibition catalogue of "Polsko - niemiecka _ wystawa interdyscyplinarna", Bałtycka Galeria Sztuki Amfiteatr

.videos/interviews online:


2020 "Opel Corona" ~ 07:28 - 07:45

2021 first "Digitaler Kunstsalon"

2021 until 1st October 2022 online "Kunstkaten"




.work in public collection:


since 2010 6 paintings (acrylic on canvas) Medgidia, Romania

since 2011 4 paintings (acrylic on canvas) Targu Jiu, Romania

since 2015 installation of 3 objects and writings, DomjüchAnstalt Neustrelitz, Germany

since 2019 2 paintings (acrylic on canvas) Bistrita, Romania



.(group) exhibitions:


2006 Zelesny Brod, Czech Republic

2007 "machtmalstille" phb-Club, Berlin, Germany

2007 Muzeum Skla a Bizuterie v Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic

2009 main exhibition GedoK Cologne, Germany

2009 "Akademischer Rundgang" CTC Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany


2010 Immergut-Festival Neustrelitz, Germany

2010 "Akademischer Rundgang" CTC Höhr-Grenzhausen

2010 International Painters Camp - Medgidia, Romania

2010-2011 "Ausblicke" Schloß Reinbek in Hamburg, Germany


2011 "Konzentrat" b-05 Montabaur, Germany

2011 "Rheingold" lorch+seidel contmporary - Berlin, Germany

2011 Gorjfest Targu Jiu, Romania


2012 "Akademischer Rundgang" CTC Höhr-Grenzhausen

2012 International summer academy Salzburg, Austria

2012 "Heimweg" fabrik. Galerie für gegenwärtige Kunst, Neustrelitz, Germany


2013 "die neuen 12" MV Foto Galerie Schwerin, Germany

2013 "zeitnah" b-05 Montabaur, Germany

2013 long night of arts, Neustrelitz, Germany

2013-2014 "FRÜHWERK" Glasmuseum Alter Hof Herdings, Coesfeld, Germany


2014 "ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN2014" Görlitz, Germany

2014 "Raumzeit" Kunsthaus Neustrelitz, Germany

2014 "ins Blaue" 24.Kunstschau, Putbus, Germany

2014 10th long night of arts, Neustrelitz, Germany


2015 "Art der Provinz" Dargun, Germany

2015 "das Kunsthauskollektiv stellt aus" former shopping center Nessler, Neustrelitz, Germany

2015 25.Kunstschau des BBK-MV, Marstall Schwerin, Germany

2015 „Kunst des Erinnerns“ (permanent exhibition) DomjüchAnstalt Neustrelitz, Germany

2015 „kleine Nacht der Künste“, storage Neustrelitz, Germany


2016 "Und nichts wird gesagt - gar nichts!" (solo exhibition) constituency office Die Linke, Crivitz, Germany

2016 Holocaust memorial week in the theatre of Neustrelitz, Germany

2016 „Zwischen den Stühlen“ storage Neustrelitz, Germany

2016 „Keramische Dialoge I“ Keramikgalerie Leipzig, Germany

2016 „CREDO II – heile Welt“ Schönberger Musiksommer, Germany

2016 „Art & Entertainment“ Neubrandenburg, Germany

2016 „Ich und du und der Raum mit mir“ former museum of local history Neustrelitz, Germany

2016 „Das Eigene und das Fremde“ church Goldenbaum, Germany

2016 „Strukturen, Texturen, Zwischenfelder“ alte Feuerwache Röbel, Germany

2016 „Visionen – 27 Jahre nach der friedlichen Revolution“, Ratzeburg, Germany

2017 „Keramische Dialoge II“, Galerie hinter dem Rathaus Wismar, Germany

2017 „Gartenfest“, Kunsthaus Neubrandenburg, Germany

2017 „Keramische Dialoge III“, Rhinpassage Rheinsberg, Germany

2017 „Lange Nacht der Kunst“, as P:S, Kulturquartier Neustrelitz, Germany

2017 „Ressource Kunst - nur die Kunst kann die Welt retten“, Mecklenburgisches Künstlerhaus Schloss Plüschow, Germany

2018 „Luftlinien“, as P:S, Strandhalle Ahrenshoop, Germany

2018 „ein halbes Dutzend“, fabrik. Galerie für gegenwärtige Kunst, Neustrelitz, Germany

2018 „Idealfall 8“, Kulturhaus Mestlin, Germany

2018 „Gartenfest“, Kunsthaus Neubrandenburg, Germany

2018 „Das Kunsthauskollektiv stellt wieder aus“, Kunsthaus Neustrelitz, Germany

2018 „Mentoring Kunst“, Kulturhaus Mestlin, Germany

2019 „little red riding hood“, Kulturhaus Mestlin, Germany

2019 „Hier & Jetzt – Nachwuchskunstpreis für Bildende Kunst“, Mecklenburgisches Künstlerhaus Schloss Plüschow, Germany

2019 „Contemporary Romanian Painting“, Galerie Burg 32. Germany

2019 „Residents 2017/2018“, art society Rostock, as Prinzip:Sonja

2019 „DailySketches“, daily updates on: , and

2019 „the celebration“, Passentin, Germany

2020 „Romania - Painting“, Kreishaus Kassel, Germany

2020 „Convenient Filters“, updates regularly on:

2020 „Opel Corona“, Kulturhaus Mestlin, Germany,

2020 „by far“, Passentin, Germany

2020 baltic art weekend in Kunsthalle Rostock, as P:S, with art society Rostock, Germany

2020 „on fire“, Plüschow + Lauenburg, Germany          _ virtual exhibition - Plüschow _

2020 happening at „25 years Schleswig-Holstein-Haus Schwerin“ as Prinzip:Sonja

2020 „the clothes are old – older the emperor“, Kulturhaus Mestlin, Germany

2020 „Art Trade“ of OZ [baltic newspaper] at art society Rostock, Germany      _see the virtual exhibition_


2021 „Beuysifiziert“, Kulturhaus Mestlin, Germany

2021 „Hier & Jetzt – Nachwuchskunstpreis für Bildende Kunst“ Mecklenburgisches Künstlerhaus Schloss Plüschow, Germany

2021 „Polsko - niemiecka _ wystawa interdyscyplinarna“, Bałtycka Galeria Sztuki Amfiteatr, Koszalin, Poland

2021 GALERIE21_SEARCHBAR“ FRIEDA 23, Rostock, Germany


>> see: currently or coming soon<<





2015 „Das Kunsthauskollektiv stellt aus“ former shopping center Nessler Neustelitz, Germany

2015 „Das Leben findet draußen statt“ (art work by Wilhelm Müller, for the "Verein zum Erhalt der Domjüch

– ehemalige Landesirrenanstalt e.V." , together with Ramona Seyfarth) Hafengalerie Neustrelitz, Germany

2016 „Wilhelm Müller“ permanent exhibition of the reproductions, collaborative with Ramona Seyfarth, Domjüch Neustrelitz, Germany

2016 „Zwischen den Stühlen“ storage Neustrelitz, Germany

2016 „Die Russen snd da – die Russen sind weg“ (historical exhibition) Domjüch Neustrelitz, Germany

2016 „ich und du und der Raum mit mir“ former museum of local history and Kulturquartier Neustrelitz, Germany

2017 „Happening in 4 Akten“ Kulturquartier Neustrelitz

2018 „ein halbes Dutzend“, fabrik. Galerie für gegenwärtige Kunst, Neustrelitz, Germany

2019 „Ramona Seyfarth - BE PRESENT“, Rostock, Germany

2020 „by far“, Passentin together with Marieken Matschenz






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