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Support your ARTIST !

Heye, it's getting crowded at my sites' footer:

these are the supporter-buttons:

Ko-fi - you can leave the countervalue of a coffee, once or more times ... This site reminds you on the updates of "Convenient Filters" and might offer an inside-view when the amount of supporters implies an interest.

Liberapay - is available in English aber auch auf Deutsch! This side provides no Extra-Content! Though it offers a way to fund my whole artwork longterm.

Auf dieser Seite gibt es keinen gesonderten Inhalt. Dafür bietet sie aber die Möglichkeit, unkompliziert zu spenden, was wochenweise, längerfristig, mein Schaffen unterstützt.

Patreon - is mainly in English, stellenweise aber auch auf Deutsch, provides special content - depending on the support-group. Mainly if you want to see the pencil-form of those DailySketches, this is your place to go! Learn about new projects, have in inside-view, see single steps .... and by the way, help me pay my webSit-fee, phone and internet.

Otherwise soon enough I won't post anymore - not to pressure someone, but to state the obvious.

There still is more:

For sure you know the other buttons. Social Media - sucking time but delivering news.

Yes, my facebook-account is well-neglected. Though those DailySketches got their own Instagram-account. Whilst I was at it, I got my artist-ego one, too. Yanka is on twitter. Discord is coming later on. If I know you in person, you may ask for my private discord-contact.

Have an active international womens day tomorrow!

And don't forget to support your ARTISTs - someone has to.



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